DVDlater is a Netflix web application for saving theatrical movies to your queue. The site lists all movies that are currently in theaters, coming soon to theaters, and showing previews and allows one-click saving to your queue as long as you are logged in to Netflix. DVDLater makes it so that you don't have to remember to add a movie to your Netflix queue months after it is released in the theater.


Transitly is a iPhone web application for people who ride mass transit everyday. Unlike mapping and trip planning applications, Transitly does not offer maps, step by step instructions, or routing information. Most of us ride the same one or two buses or trains everyday, and don't need all these features to slow us down. All we need to know is: "When is my next bus?" This application is for just that purpose.

Paper Case

The Paper Case project allows you to print a fold-able piece of paper into a CD or DVD case, using the content of the internet as your album art or movie cover. This solves the issue of your DVD collection taking up 20 times more space than the size of the disc. Or when you buy an album online, and are left on your own to store and label your burned CD. You can also give your friends and family burned photo CDs and DVDs in style with a personalized case.

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